CURB Shows Smart Home Energy Management at CES 2017

Published on January 3, 2017

It’s that time of the year. Nearly 200,000 people from all over the world will descend upon Las Vegas to discover the latest, most exciting consumer technology and innovations at CES. We’re excited to be a part of it and proud to say that we’ll be involved in the show’s first ever Smart Energy Marketplace, an area of the show run completely on an independent energy microgrid. Our home energy monitoring hardware will be installed in the microgrid so we can monitor and show in real-time the area’s energy generation and usage including the cost of charging an on-site Tesla. We…

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CURB New Year 2017 Lightning Discounts

Published on December 29, 2016

Just in time for your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions, CURB is excited to announce limited time offers for everyone interested in making their home smarter, safer and more energy efficient. A curb is installed inside an electrical breaker panel, measuring all the electrical usage and production in a home, building or solar array. Curb’s CURB provides detail on a circuit-by-circuit basis so you can see the cost of each appliance and room in your home. With CURB, not only is there real-time visual feedback on consumption and solar production, but mobile notifications alert customers to any abnormalities with appliances. To that end, we…

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Small Data is the new Big Data

Published on December 9, 2016

Residential energy monitoring sits at the crossroads of big data and small data. In gathering the world’s richest census of in-home energy usage data, CURB is positioned with highly leverageable big data intelligence. At the same time, CURB is invested in generating the types of small data insights that can not only help individual consumers increase safety, save energy and save money, but also contribute valuable observations that change the way we all use energy. Big data is essential for many companies to inform business decisions, but small data is, increasingly, the better route to achieve smarter, more relevant solutions. It is the humanizing element…

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Smart Homes Curb Energy Use

Published on September 9, 2016

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for a connected home for connected things is growing at a rapid clip. As smart things demand seamless integration across multiple channels, homes must also become smarter. The smart home ecosystem is set to grow from $3 billion to $18 billion annually over the next decade. This growth comes in part because smart homes are no longer the exclusive purview of luxury homes. Rather, smart products and integrations are becoming more affordable than ever. Now, anyone can have an automated home. And before long, it will be abnormal not to live in a smart home….

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5 Ways CURB Takes Solar Installers Beyond the Sun

Published on July 11, 2016

How do solar installers move from pitch to sale? For many companies, it’s a roll of the dice. How do they keep the customer interested in them instead of the other companies? CURB allows solar installers to distinguish themselves by selling more than just solar. CURB sells knowledge, independence, follow ups, and differentiation in a synonymous market. 1 – Differentiation in the Market Like it or not, solar installers are undifferentiated to consumers. Most companies offer the same equipment, so those who are able to stand out from the crowd will ultimately be more successful. If solar companies delivered more,…

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What is IoT & How Does it Apply to Me?

Published on July 1, 2016

The hottest thing in technology isn’t just for the digerati. Think about your FitBit. It tracks your steps, sleep, workouts, nutrition, and weight goals — all displayed on an easy-to-use app. Your FitBit is configured with a multitude of sensors and ultimately connects to the Internet to keep track of all your data. Empowered as such, you can monitor your heartbeat, understand your dietary needs better, and meet your fitness goals. This knowledge creates habits of a healthy lifestyle. This is the Internet of Things (AKA IoT). IoT is the integration of physical objects with the Internet so that they can communicate with…

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Smart Homes are the Key to Smart Cities

Published on June 24, 2016

The first Smart Cities Innovation Summit took place in Austin from June 13-15, 2016, introducing forward-thinking cities to smart new solutions in order to keep up with rapid growth in green initiatives. Eric Gould Bear, CURB’s Chief Experience Officer, joined Shawn Freeman, Trusource Lab’s CMO, on a panel exploring issues of smart meters, energy saving strategies, and data privacy. Smart cities are the key to change; large scale change. Charlie Hales, Mayor of Portland, Oregon, says, “If cities become greener, then we change the world.” The world is not indestructible and resources are not unlimited. By advancing in a direction of…

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Curb Smart Home Updates: SXSW, Alpha & Nest

Published on March 30, 2015

SXSW & Alpha SXSW is always a busy time in Austin, and this year was no different. From meeting thousands of people at the Curb startup crawl booth at Capital Factory, to pitching Curb to investors at the A-list Pitch event of SXSW our Curb team was deep in all of the action. In fact the team at Nibetz even captured a full video of the pitch that you can watch below and wrote a great product review that you can read here. The founder of Wolfram|Alpha even paid our team a visit to see if we could find a way to collaborate.  The Once…

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