Krannich Solar Case Study: How Selling CURB Helps Sell Solar

Published on July 6, 2016

Solar distributors are caught in a struggle of differentiating themselves in a marketplace of homogeneity. One distributor, the largest in the world, chose to adopt a new strategy that favors the bold and innovative. Krannich Solar is known for selling creative products to differentiate themselves and improve their installers’ experience of selling solar. Krannich recently partnered with Curb, Inc. to help solar installers incorporate a solution that empowers their end customers through energy literacy. Distributors have the opportunity to offer CURB — a powerful tool — as a standard low price, part of the process of selling solar. This allows…

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The Future of Solar is Battery Powered

Published on June 20, 2016

Everyone thinks of solar when they think of alternative energy, but those in-the-know know that batteries are becoming a key ingredient. Solar installers know that batteries allow them to continue to engage their customers over time in consumer efforts to live more efficiently. Installing a curb is a natural bridge to these batteries, as it reveals precise energy usage, energy production, and general awareness of energy flow. A curb is effective because it can show how much is being used, and where; thus, helping customers segue off the grid and curtail waste in order to preserve energy. Battery costs range from…

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