Energy Monitoring Makes Microgrids Possible

Published on January 2, 2017

The Emerge microgrid at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is located at LVCC, Central Plaza and is set to operate independently with renewable energy, specifically solar, and illustrate the strong connection between solar, renewable energy and energy monitoring systems like CURB. Microgrids are self-contained power systems in small geographic areas that allow operators to localize electrical sources and loads. Utilizing energy monitoring systems like CURB within microgrids allows operators to manage energy usage in real time such that energy is used as efficiently as possible. Monitoring is essential because the success of microgrids is dependent upon finding the most optimal ways to…

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CURB’s Predictions for Solar ’17

Published on December 1, 2016

2016 was, by many estimates, the most successful year for solar. As the year comes to an end and a new administration is set to take office, we gathered a series of predictions about the solar industry for 2017. Solar, Renewables, Will Continue To Grow Solar is expected to grow 20 to 23% in the next year — down from as much as 71% reported in previous years, despite renewable energy tax credits that were extended until 2019. That said, both the private and public sectors have invested heavily in renewable energy, and these investments are unlikely to become completely obsolete during a…

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The Future of Solar is Battery Powered

Published on June 20, 2016

Everyone thinks of solar when they think of alternative energy, but those in-the-know know that batteries are becoming a key ingredient. Solar installers know that batteries allow them to continue to engage their customers over time in consumer efforts to live more efficiently. Installing a curb is a natural bridge to these batteries, as it reveals precise energy usage, energy production, and general awareness of energy flow. A curb is effective because it can show how much is being used, and where; thus, helping customers segue off the grid and curtail waste in order to preserve energy. Battery costs range from…

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