CURB Pro is is designed for single-phase homes for professional installers. Contact our partner sales group for more information and bulk pricing.

What’s Included:

  • 1x CURB Pro Power Hub
  • 1x HomePlug Adapter
  • 2x Large (100A) CT clamps
  • 4x Medium (50A) CT clamps
  • 12x Small (30A) CT clamps




CURB is the most powerful and intelligent integrated hardware/software system for visualizing and managing energy in residential and commercial settings. It provides real-time insights into energy usage, giving people knowledge and tools to make their homes and buildings safer, more energy efficient and more affordable.
With CURB, you can:
• Measure electrical activity of individual appliances directly from the breaker panel using dedicated circuit sensors.
• Visualize real-time information about power consumption, electrical vehicle charging and solar production.
• Save Money by identifying and eliminating wasted energy on the go.
Integration with Samsung’s SmartThings platform enables you to:
• Automate lights, air conditioners and other appliances to respond intelligently to energy usage patterns throughout the house.
• Increase Safety with warnings when dangerous appliances (e.g. stove) are left on.
• Manage your electric bill, by dynamically curbing the use of expensive appliances according to local energy billing schedules.
Works on iOS and Android devices, plus web for detailed desktop analysis.