Selling Solar Under Quarantine

April 13, 2020 - 1 minute read

At Curb, we love nothing more than seeing our partners win sales that empower homeowners with greater understanding and control over the energy they use.

But being smart about COVID-19 has us all working from home, which is challenging the entire industry to develop new ways of working effectively. Whether selling virtually is new to you or not, we want to provide some quick tips and tools to elevate your game.

1) Our free Interactive Test Drive gives you direct access to an actual customer home, complete with real-time graphs, multiple years of historical data and the ability to see how costs break down under local energy rate plans. It’s a great way to demonstrate meaningful functionality to your prospects.

2) Follow these Quick Tips for Remote Selling:

    1. Since energy and power are often confusing, use real-world examples.
    2. Ask thought provoking questions, then listen for underlying concerns.
    3. Be an Energy Expert. Know customer utility rate structures and plan options.
    4. Use interactive technology to engage customers and test-drive ownership.

3) Download your own free Virtual Selling Tools & Tips. This printable PDF includes sample scripts to support you in crafting your pitch.

4) Stay home, stay safe … and curb Corona. We’re all in this together!

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