We’re in the process of releasing a brand-new platform for your CURB experience.  It’s an end-to-end upgrade to your CURB’s firmware, the user interface of your mobile and web apps, and the cloud services that manage, store and analyze your smart home data for safety, savings and performance.

To bring you these exciting new usability improvements and security benefits, we’ll be rolling the migration out around the globe from late tonight to early tomorrow morning.  You may experience a temporary lack of access to your data during that time, but here’s a taste of what you should see come morning.

Data, Data, Data …

Many of you have requested access to richer data feeds.  To figure out what information is most useful, we’re opening the pipe wide for you, our early adopters, to help us refine and perfect these capabilities.  Once your system is fully migrated, you’ll have access to all the historical data associated with your home or business – way back to the day you installed your very first CURB.

For you, billing estimates will be now be calculated for the same period as you specify for your energy provider.  Your data downloads will match, too, making it even easier to use as a proxy for an itemized bill.

By popular demand, we’ve added a brand new kilowatt-hour (kWh) graph type.  This new suite of historical views neatly summarizes total consumption and generation by the hour, day, week and month – making it possible to instantly know how much was used by each appliance or room in any given period … from a whole month at a time all the way down to 15 minute intervals.

And as a little teaser, we’re releasing a beta version of our historical graphs on mobile.  Rotate your phone horizontally for a taste of what’s to come.  It doesn’t fully function the way we’d like, but we couldn’t resist sharing the work-in-progress.

Security, Speed & Scaling

Our full-stack engineering team has delivered several performance improvements, providing faster graphs and a more secure data pipeline.  The new authorization system keeps track of your personal information with extra layers of protection between your login credentials, your CURB(s), your long-term data, and your mobile devices.

Your energy data now displays with less lag in real-time views, and consumes less battery power on your laptops and mobile devices.

Gone are the days of creating separate accounts for each of your properties.  Now you can manage multiple locations with a single login and generate tenant reports for each location, eliminating the need for expensive sub-metering systems.

Our new architecture is modular and super flexible, enabling us release bug fixes faster and add the feature improvements you’ve all been asking for.

Once your system is migrated, you’ll need to establish a password on the new system because we’ve booted up entirely new security sub-systems.  Click HERE to get started, and be sure to download the latest version of the mobile app for iOS and Android.

We appreciate your loyalty as a CURB customer.  It’s incredibly rewarding to have such a devoted and knowledgeable customer family.  We look forward to your continued feedback and the opportunity to power your life even smarter.

Jay Faulkner
Director of Product