Solar distributors are caught in a struggle of differentiating themselves in a marketplace of homogeneity. One distributor, the largest in the world, chose to adopt a new strategy that favors the bold and innovative.

Krannich Solar is known for selling creative products to differentiate themselves and improve their installers’ experience of selling solar. Krannich recently partnered with Curb, Inc. to help solar installers incorporate a solution that empowers their end customers through energy literacy.

Distributors have the opportunity to offer CURB — a powerful tool — as a standard low price, part of the process of selling solar. This allows their installer to speak, with authority, on the importance of their services. This increases the likelihood that end customers will be motivated to change their habits and choose to buy solar from the helpful installer that gave them meaningful data.

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CURB helps distributors stand out from the crowd because they’re selling knowledge, data, and control — not just panels, inverters, and racking. An installer can get parts anywhere, but the ability to empower homeowners by monitoring their solar production, visualizing their energy usage patterns, and calling attention to abnormalities in consumption is unique and powerful.

Even if distributors carry top-of-the-line products and offer outstanding service and affordable pricing, they’re still looking for authentic reasons to call new installers and follow up on those they haven’t talked to in a while. CURB allows Krannich to follow up with their installer partners, creating a foundation for a deeper relationship with increased potential for future sales and references.

In the interval of time between the close and installation of solar, CURB enables customers to engage with their home in new ways, endearing them further with the prospect of solar with each day of new data. They may also discover needs for other renovations — new insulation, new HVAC systems, LED bulbs.These add-on projects improve the energy efficiency of the customer’s home while creating even more business for the installer ecosystem.

Understanding how much money one uses on a daily basis is a powerful factor in changing habits, and CURB empowers customers to take home energy use into their own hands. This democratization ultimately creates more business for installers and distributors that sell green building solutions.

If you are ready to learn more about how CURB can transform your solar pipeline, email with discount code DISTI76. You can also purchase CURB through Krannich at or 856-802-0991.

Make sure to look for both Krannich and CURB at the San Francisco Intersolar Conference, July 12-14. Our booth is #8613, and ask for our exclusive joint coupon code!

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Smart Home Energy Saver — Find us on Amazon

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