At Curb, we’re big fans of “dogfooding” our own product. Each of our employees has the system installed in his or her home after starting at Curb. Here’s how one of our engineers, Josh, uses Curb to save energy at home and to let him know that his pet rabbits are safe when he’s away.

Like a lot of our customers, as soon as I got Curb installed in my home, I realized that I left my incandescent lights on a lot throughout the day. I immediately became more aware of when I turned lights on, and replaced my bulbs with LEDs, as soon as I could find some to fit my uncommonly sized fixtures.

At the start, I checked Curb all the time. This gave me a sense of what sort of power everything in my house needed, from the blender to running a specific program on my computer. Just being aware of the things in my home helped me turn off rarely used things. This came in really handy one summer day, when my air conditioner stopped drawing power relative to the heat outside. The air filter needed to be changed, but I was able to clean it before it got unbearably warm.

My day-to-day use of Curb now is mostly to check on things when I’m not at home: when I’m running late for the bus in the morning, and I can’t remember if I turned the stove off after making coffee or checking to see if I turned off the hardware I was working on at my desk. This is nice, because my pet rabbits are locked up during the day, and being able to make sure nothing dangerous is running means I don’t need to worry.