As energy prices continue to rise and climate change continues to have devastating impacts, interest in renewable energy has skyrocketed. Residential solar installations are up by 50% across the United States, and more than a third of all new energy generation has come from renewable sources. However, the only thing cheaper and cleaner than renewable energy is being able to use less energy altogether. Energy efficiency has been the cornerstone of almost all energy legislation for the last 20 years, yet adoption is still extremely low.

Energy efficiency products are lining the walls of major home improvement stores, but consumers are typically left without a realistic understanding of which products will have the biggest impact on their energy bill. The way that we currently buy and use energy makes it extremely difficult to figure out which devices are the biggest drivers of your electricity bill and it is virtually impossible to see which are the biggest wasters. The average American spends less than 10 minutes per year looking at their electricity bills, largely because bills don’t relate to our lives. People don’t talk about kilowatts and watt-hours, they talk about dollars and cents. Bills also come months after the energy has already been used. The average person will struggle to remember what they had for lunch yesterday, let alone trying to remember if they left the lights on the kitchen 6 Wednesdays ago. The way we use energy is broken.

In order for energy efficiency products to really have an impact and to realistically influence energy saving behavior, we need to first fix our relationship with the energy we use. We need home energy intelligence.

Every home is different, so cracking code of “why is my bill so high?” isn’t an easy task, but every home does have a central hub, the circuit breaker box. The circuit breaker box acts as the nervous system of the home, directing the right amount of power to each and every appliance throughout every home.

Unlocking the flow of energy throughout the home from the circuit breaker box holds the key to answering the age old question we’ve all asked: “Why is my bill so high?” Only when we can answer this question can we really expect our energy efficiency programs to be successful.

About Curb:

Curb helps people identify where the money they spend on energy is going. Through a combination of hardware and software, the Curb system can identify which devices are using the most amount of power in real time – all while helping to keep your home safe. Curb is always on the look out for abnormal energy consumption – so if it notices something odd like an iron accidentally left on, it pushes a notification directly to your phone. Go to to learn more.