Everyone thinks of solar when they think of alternative energy, but those in-the-know know that batteries are becoming a key ingredient.

Solar installers know that batteries allow them to continue to engage their customers over time in consumer efforts to live more efficiently. Installing a curb is a natural bridge to these batteries, as it reveals precise energy usage, energy production, and general awareness of energy flow. A curb is effective because it can show how much is being used, and where; thus, helping customers segue off the grid and curtail waste in order to preserve energy. Battery costs range from $3,500 to $30,000, meaning this sale makes a difference to an installer’s bottom line. Proper sizing is critical, and a curb can help with this, too.

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For an on-grid system: At “hot” times during the day (using a curling iron, turning on the oven, using the dryer, etc.), energy usage spikes. Batteries lessen the impact of these spikes because the appliances can pull from stored energy. A curb can help your customers amplify these energy savings by indicating exactly where their energy use is highest, alerting them to failing or energy-hogging appliances, and helping them optimize their solar systems.

For an off-grid system: Batteries also allow consumers to go completely off grid and use energy at night when the sun is not directly fueling their appliances or lights. Without batteries to store solar energy captured during the day, there is no energy reserve available at night. Going off grid reduces one’s carbon footprint and allows one to keep critical loads active.

How do you know what size battery to get? Overshoot the kWh and you have more energy than you need, and have thus wasted money on the bigger battery. Too little kWh means you’re electrically dark for the remainder of time not covered by your battery. Installing a curb to measure the energy usage of each circuit over time allows you to model and calculate needs based on actual data. Guesswork is in the past with a curb, and sizing battery systems has never been easier. Austin’s Curb, Inc. makes the world’s most intelligent and easy-to-use curb device. One of its newest features, just released, allows consumers to export their data into an Excel spreadsheet — so they can slice and dice it any way they want. Learn more about our new features here.

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Smart Home Energy Saver — Find us on Amazon

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