The Emerge microgrid at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is located at LVCC, Central Plaza and is set to operate independently with renewable energy, specifically solar, and illustrate the strong connection between solar, renewable energy and energy monitoring systems like CURB.


Microgrids are self-contained power systems in small geographic areas that allow operators to localize electrical sources and loads. Utilizing energy monitoring systems like CURB within microgrids allows operators to manage energy usage in real time such that energy is used as efficiently as possible. Monitoring is essential because the success of microgrids is dependent upon finding the most optimal ways to utilize the energy sources available within specific geographical regions and ensuring independent systems from the traditional central grid.

Matt Grocoff, a clean energy expert and Principal of THRIVE Collaborative, said that monitoring is a key component to the success of microgrids.

“All of the engineering we need for distributed microgrids is here. What we now need is a smart brain to control the neural electricity network,” Grocoff said.

“We can get our power from tens of thousands of interconnected microgrids rather than behemoth central plants.  To manage this energy we must have live data at the user level.”

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The greatest advantage of microgrids is the ability to own your own energy and manage its efficiency:

Microgrids allow business owners to customize their energy operation, making better use of technology that allows you to monitor your usage in real time and adjust it accordingly. When one source of energy is more readily available, you can rely more heavily on that source; even store surplus energy…When you’re monitoring your energy usage, you’re more likely to use less. You may even generate enough of a surplus to resell on the market.

Grocoff said that the solar, storage and energy efficient construction that comprise microgrids is the future. In addition to monitoring, the availability of CURB’s historical data and data science insights to wholistic energy usage creates opportunities for better energy management.

“Monitors are the brain that make microgrids possible,” Grocoff said.

See the Emerge Alliance microgrid in action at CES, Booth SE-5 in the Smart Energy Pavilion (CP-21) in the Central Plaza at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from January 5-8.

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