CURB is excited to announce several new features to help homeowners make better sense of their energy data. Updates to the web and mobile apps make consumption and production information more detailed, more accessible, and easier to understand.

CURB is a home energy monitoring system that give you real time updates on your energy usage, allowing you deep insights into what exactly is consuming energy in your home. These new features are designed to help you have more control over your energy consumption and make smarter decisions in order to have a smarter home. The features are available on web and mobile apps.

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The real-time radial graph, which provides live feedback of current energy use, now allows you to view that consumption in watts, along with a projection of dollars per hour, day, week, and month — whatever you like best. Tech savvy curb-adopters have been requesting watts, in particular, and now it is at your fingertips!

Radial Graph

The same options are also available on the live usage detail graph, which is especially helpful for getting accurate measurements of how much wattage specific appliances are using in real time. This graph reveals the pulse of each individual appliance and zone in your home with real-time energy consumption and cost data. The option to see this data in various forms can help you make better decisions, such as replacing an appliance with a more energy efficient version, switching to LED bulbs, or making smarter decisions to conserve energy during everyday life.

Circuit Usage

Further, these new updates allow you to see your solar system’s contribution to your energy footprint, making you more aware of the overall impact to your energy consumption. CURB users can now visual the individual production of each inverter, over time, and can readily know which components may need maintenance. This enables better planning to optimize time-of-use impact of working around peak production periods.

Solar Production Graph

New hovers feature extra details about your energy use. These pop-ups reveal more useful data, such as the average watts an appliance uses and the percentage this appliance uses of your total consumption. Knowing how many watts your oven uses in reference to the total amount allows you to understand the impact of that single appliance or room. Is it consuming more than normal lately? Is your refrigerator consuming 10% of your total energy? Maybe it needs repairing or replacing.

Appliance Graph

On the mobile app, the walk-through tutorial serves as your personal tour guide through all of these new features. The tutorial highlights each graph with a description of how it could help you conserve energy and save money. This gives you more control than ever, empowering you to maximize the impact of CURB on your life choices.

Walk-Through Tutorial

Finally, by popular demand, CURB now offers data downloads. CURB customers can now download a CSV spreadsheet of both recent consumption and recent protection data from the web application.

We want you to have access to your data — any way you like it. Understand your own personal trends and see which appliances are the biggest energy consumers over time. If it is your HVAC system, maybe you should switch to a more energy efficient model. Perhaps one of your solar panel’s production is unstable, and it might be time to call for maintenance. In short, CURB wants you to have your data to help you take ownership of your energy use.

Export Feature

Understanding your energy use is key to making the best decisions for your home. CURB’s latest features are only the tip of the iceberg. We’d love to hear from you, our valued customers on Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook.

Smart Home Energy Saver — Find us on Amazon

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