Curb Smart Home Updates: SXSW, Alpha & Nest

March 30, 2015 - 2 minutes read

SXSW & Alpha

SXSW is always a busy time in Austin, and this year was no different. From meeting thousands of people at the Curb startup crawl booth at Capital Factory, to pitching Curb to investors at the A-list Pitch event of SXSW our Curb team was deep in all of the action. In fact the team at Nibetz even captured a full video of the pitch that you can watch below and wrote a great product review that you can read here.

The founder of Wolfram|Alpha even paid our team a visit to see if we could find a way to collaborate. SXSW Start up crawl with Wolfram Alpha

The Once and Future Home

We also got to spend some time, debating the future of the smart home on a panel with Nest at Treehouse (the hub for all of your awesome sustainable home improvements in Austin). It was a lively conversation with great engagement from the audience (following a few cocktails). Of greatest note was how Curb can work with Nest to help solve real customer pain points. For example, since energy costs more in your later billing cycle, Curb could help the Nest determine how much you’ve already spent and adjust the temperature accordingly to help you stay on budget. Alternatively, Curb could use the home vs away feature on the Nest to help identify your biggest energy hogs when you aren’t home. Both seem like great ways to really help users save money!

Leave a comment below if you have any other ideas about how Curb could build a deeper collaboration with Nest, and we will see if we can develop those ideas for future software releases!

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