The most attended solar conference in America, Intersolar, took place last week, July 12-14, and Curb was fortunate to attend and showcase our hard work. Booth #8613 featured our representative banner and two large screens displaying our colorful and user-friendly dashboard.

Curb Team at Intersolar Conference

Team Awesome at Curb Booth

The conference was filled with smart minds and it showcased innovative technologies in the field of solar. There were drones to check solar panels, break-through battery and solar panel technology, and some of the fastest solar installs we’ve ever seen! The world of solar is becoming more efficient, innovative, and affordable.

Our team had wonderful conservations with leading companies in this industry filled with potential opportunities for future development and growth. Intersolar participants continued to network in a more casual environment at the Battle of the Bands, where many revealed their rock star skills!

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CURB was able to shine in the world of solar for its ability to optimize customers’ PV system experience. Our intelligent device serves as a diagnostics check for solar arrays and monitors solar production in concert with in-home energy consumption. This allows customers to make more energy efficient choices, stemming from innovative and insightful data. With CURB, customers are empowered by their personalized data.

We can’t wait to attend next year to see familiar faces and meet new ones!

Make sure to look for us at Solar Power International (SPI) in September.

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