Curb Hardware Update

March 11, 2015 - 2 minutes read

The Curb team has been busy ramping up for a busy spring. As we near some exciting announcements, we’ve been hard at work laying the foundation for our offerings. One of our most active fronts has been that of the physical hardware that will go inside homes and breaker boxes. We’ve learned a lot over the past couple years about what we want and need from our devices and we are taking huge strides in creating exactly that. Today we want to share some images and details about some of our newest prototypes.


We’ve been working with some local Austin companies to get our first boards fabricated and assembled and two weeks ago we successfully installed our first fully in-house board in a live environment. In addition to being a huge milestone and successful install, it has allowed us to make many tweaks to our software. Our beta users have been excited to see how we are making progress and we’re also excited as we make progress toward getting more of our devices into the wild.



About Curb:

Curb helps people identify where the money they spend on energy is going. Through a combination of hardware and software, the Curb system can identify which devices are using the most amount of power in real time – all while helping to keep your home safe. Curb is always on the look out for abnormal energy consumption – so if it notices something odd like an iron accidentally left on, it pushes a notification directly to your phone. Go to to learn more.