Just in time for the holidays, CURB is excited to announce limited time offers for everyone interested in making their home smarter, safer and more energy efficient.

A curb is installed inside an electrical breaker panel, measuring all the electrical usage and production in a home, building or solar array. Curb’s CURB provides detail on a circuit-by-circuit basis so you can see the cost of each appliance and room in your home. With CURB, not only is there real-time visual feedback on consumption and solar production, but mobile notifications alert customers to any abnormalities with appliances.

Smart Home Energy Saver — Find us on Amazon

To that end, we wanted to offer people interested in powering their lives smarter incentives to become CURB customers this holiday season. We’re running an ongoing special on Amazon for a discounted price of $374.99, down from our standard $399 — with free shipping and free access to basic historical data. The price will return to $399 on December 23.

— For a limited time only, on Black Friday, November 25 from 11:35 AM to 5:35PM PST (or until sold out), interested customers may received 20-25 percent off during our Amazon Lightning Deal promotion.

To learn more about CURB visit our website, or Amazon page.


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