Building hardware isn’t easy, that’s why they call it “hard”-ware! But that hard work often pays off, because in many cases you can’t build a good product with software alone.  Combining user-centric software with well designed and developed hardware often results a much stronger product and an emotional connection with customers.

That’s the thesis behind Alpha Gear Lab‘s Accelerator program. In their own words, “The thing about hardware–like other hard things in life–is if you actually put in the time and effort, the fruits of your labor are usually that much more bountiful and sweet. Hardware startups have enforceable IP, R&D is more complicated, and switching costs are a lot higher, which means it’s very difficult for competition to come along and undercut you. So it’s usually a lot easier for a big company to acquire you rather than attempt to compete against you.”

To find the nations top hardware startups AlphaGear Labs teamed up with TechShop and StartBot to develop the National Hardware Cup, an 8 city competition with finals held in Detroit, Washington D.C., Austin, Phoenix, San Francisco, Redwood City, San Jose, and Pittsburgh.

Our Curb team pulled out all the stops in the Austin competition on March 18th.  Our smart home energy monitoring system was selected as the regional winner, and our amazing team received this beautiful 3D printed copper trophy!

Hardware challenge cup trophy

We’ll be presenting at the finals on May 6th in Pittsburgh, so stay root for us and stay tuned for the final results.

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