Smart Homes Curb Energy Use

Published on September 9, 2016

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for a connected home for connected things is growing at a rapid clip. As smart things demand seamless integration across multiple channels, homes must also become smarter. The smart home ecosystem is set to grow from $3 billion to $18 billion annually over the next decade. This growth comes in part because smart homes are no longer the exclusive purview of luxury homes. Rather, smart products and integrations are becoming more affordable than ever. Now, anyone can have an automated home. And before long, it will be abnormal not to live in a smart home….

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Flexible Solar Sheets Transforming the World of Solar

Published on July 25, 2016

Innovation never sleeps, and the world of solar is getting a wakeup call. We all know solar panels are becoming cheaper each year, but now they are also getting thinner! Since the genesis of solar, panels and racking have been bulky and cumbersome. The new flexible solar sheets, developed by scientists in South Korea at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, will sit flush against any surface, making them low impact and more appealing to the eye. These flexible solar sheets are also portable and more versatile. Traditional panels are destined to remain on roofs and flat surfaces. These…

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Tibetan Monks Bless CURB with Good Karma

Published on July 22, 2016

Earlier this year, seven monks from Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery in India toured the United States, spreading good vibes and blessings of healing and peace. With a direct descendant of the Buddha and transmissions of teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this cheerful band of monks took time to visit Austin’s mojo workin’ CURB. Since CURB’s power hubs tap into the central nervous system of a home (the breaker panel), it seemed a great opportunity to bless the factory where all CURBs are born, National Circuit Assembly. Lobsang Khamchuk Rinpoche, Geshe Karma Yeshi, Geshe Lama Phuntsho, and co. traversed…

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CURB Shines at Intersolar Conference in San Francisco

Published on July 18, 2016

The most attended solar conference in America, Intersolar, took place last week, July 12-14, and Curb was fortunate to attend and showcase our hard work. Booth #8613 featured our representative banner and two large screens displaying our colorful and user-friendly dashboard. The conference was filled with smart minds and it showcased innovative technologies in the field of solar. There were drones to check solar panels, break-through battery and solar panel technology, and some of the fastest solar installs we’ve ever seen! The world of solar is becoming more efficient, innovative, and affordable. Our team had wonderful conservations with leading companies…

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5 Ways CURB Takes Solar Installers Beyond the Sun

Published on July 11, 2016

How do solar installers move from pitch to sale? For many companies, it’s a roll of the dice. How do they keep the customer interested in them instead of the other companies? CURB allows solar installers to distinguish themselves by selling more than just solar. CURB sells knowledge, independence, follow ups, and differentiation in a synonymous market. 1 – Differentiation in the Market Like it or not, solar installers are undifferentiated to consumers. Most companies offer the same equipment, so those who are able to stand out from the crowd will ultimately be more successful. If solar companies delivered more,…

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Are You Energy Literate?

Published on July 8, 2016

If you could save hundreds of dollars by investing a few minutes of your time, would you do it? Learning more about energy, where it comes from, how it’s used, calculated, and affects daily life is energy literacy. Becoming energy literate helps you achieve lower energy bills, and ensures more efficient energy use in the long term. Energy literacy involves understanding the dynamics of energy in everyday life. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the availability of energy is dependent on a variety of factors, and will eventually “run out.” Currently, we harness energy from fossil fuels (e.g. oil…

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Krannich Solar Case Study: How Selling CURB Helps Sell Solar

Published on July 6, 2016

Solar distributors are caught in a struggle of differentiating themselves in a marketplace of homogeneity. One distributor, the largest in the world, chose to adopt a new strategy that favors the bold and innovative. Krannich Solar is known for selling creative products to differentiate themselves and improve their installers’ experience of selling solar. Krannich recently partnered with Curb, Inc. to help solar installers incorporate a solution that empowers their end customers through energy literacy. Distributors have the opportunity to offer CURB — a powerful tool — as a standard low price, part of the process of selling solar. This allows…

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What is IoT & How Does it Apply to Me?

Published on July 1, 2016

The hottest thing in technology isn’t just for the digerati. Think about your FitBit. It tracks your steps, sleep, workouts, nutrition, and weight goals — all displayed on an easy-to-use app. Your FitBit is configured with a multitude of sensors and ultimately connects to the Internet to keep track of all your data. Empowered as such, you can monitor your heartbeat, understand your dietary needs better, and meet your fitness goals. This knowledge creates habits of a healthy lifestyle. This is the Internet of Things (AKA IoT). IoT is the integration of physical objects with the Internet so that they can communicate with…

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CURB’s Newest Features Make Energy Savings Easier Than Ever

Published on June 27, 2016

CURB is excited to announce several new features to help homeowners make better sense of their energy data. Updates to the web and mobile apps make consumption and production information more detailed, more accessible, and easier to understand. CURB is a home energy monitoring system that give you real time updates on your energy usage, allowing you deep insights into what exactly is consuming energy in your home. These new features are designed to help you have more control over your energy consumption and make smarter decisions in order to have a smarter home. The features are available on web…

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Smart Homes are the Key to Smart Cities

Published on June 24, 2016

The first Smart Cities Innovation Summit took place in Austin from June 13-15, 2016, introducing forward-thinking cities to smart new solutions in order to keep up with rapid growth in green initiatives. Eric Gould Bear, CURB’s Chief Experience Officer, joined Shawn Freeman, Trusource Lab’s CMO, on a panel exploring issues of smart meters, energy saving strategies, and data privacy. Smart cities are the key to change; large scale change. Charlie Hales, Mayor of Portland, Oregon, says, “If cities become greener, then we change the world.” The world is not indestructible and resources are not unlimited. By advancing in a direction of…

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The Future of Solar is Battery Powered

Published on June 20, 2016

Everyone thinks of solar when they think of alternative energy, but those in-the-know know that batteries are becoming a key ingredient. Solar installers know that batteries allow them to continue to engage their customers over time in consumer efforts to live more efficiently. Installing a curb is a natural bridge to these batteries, as it reveals precise energy usage, energy production, and general awareness of energy flow. A curb is effective because it can show how much is being used, and where; thus, helping customers segue off the grid and curtail waste in order to preserve energy. Battery costs range from…

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