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We thought…

Shouldn’t our homes be smarter?

12 patent pending inventions and oodles of awards later, we’re bringing you Curb – a single product that figures out where all your electricity goes, lets you control your home remotely, gives you money saving tips, and does lots of other cool things.


Our Story

a grand idea

The home should be just as tech savvy as your phone or your car

The Concept

Solar customer pain points spark a dream and a plan

Curb is born

A wildly talented team of data-loving engineers comes together

Alpha units

First units installed for testing and development

Beta units

Installed in ~200 residential homes and commercial spaces


Accepted into Capital Factory, featured at SXSW Eco, and named DEMO GOD

featured product

Curb featured on Innovation of Tomorrow Freescale Tour

Award Winner

Curb wins Alphalab Gear National Hardware Cup

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“At Curb, we believe that the cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy that you don’t have to use. We are excited to share our solution for safer and more energy efficient homes with the world."

Erik Norwood, Curb Founder & CEO
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Erik Norwood
Erik Norwood
Founder & CEO

As a former solar executive and Boeing rocket scientist, Erik has been building products that push the boundaries of technology and bringing them to market for over a decade. Erik leads CURB’s strategic vision.

Bill Chatterjee
Bill Chatterjee
Chief Operations Officer

As six-sigma expert and experienced supply chain manager, Bill has led multiple companies from early stage to M&A. Bill targets CURB’s visionary goals while ensuring the product works and ships.

Eric Bear
Eric Gould Bear
Chief Experience Officer

Award-winning inventor of 100+ patents & app’s. 30+ yrs product design strategy (Microsoft, Yahoo!, Logitech, Samsung, Apple). Eric ensures that CURB is intuitive and positioned for success.

Tim Steckler
Tim Steckler
Director of Hardware

From his contributions in plasma fusion to architecting the worlds most advanced LED lightbulbs, Tim is an expert in developing new technologies. He leads the design of CURB’s breakthrough hardware.

Neil Zumwalde
Neil Zumwalde
Director of Software

Neil's dedication to creating a renewable future started with projects in industrial automation and waste heat capture, and that passion for energy efficiency continues at CURB. When he's not Kickstarting political boardgames or producing music for children, he employs his infectious enthusiasm leading the CURB software team.

Emilie Yeager
Emilie Yeager
DevOps Manager

Emilie Yeager is a devops professional, small business owner, North Carolina native and DIY aficionado. For the past 14 years Emilie has worked in technology, from systems administration to engineering to devops. Her specialties include AWS, Icinga, Python and butternut squash soup. In her spare time, she enjoys the Austin music scene, yoga, rock climbing, and two-stepping.

Courtney Thier
Courtney Thier
Sustainability Strategist

Courtney is passionate about energy efficiency and sustainability. With degrees in Environmental Engineering and Green Design, she is well equipped to ensure that internal operations and business development opportunities, helps partners make environmentally conscious decisions and push CURB to become a leader in energy intelligence.

Deeksha Srinath
Deeksha Srinath
Product Experience Evangelist

Deeksha comes from a multidisciplinary background that includes bioinformatics and data science. She ensures that end-user voices are represented in the software development process and works to ensure our customers' product experiences are as empowering and frictionless as possible.

Cody Rushing
Cody Rushing
Front-End Engineer

Cody has been building web applications since 2008. His career began developing browser-based experiences for clients such as BlackBerry, Samsung, and Southwest Airlines. Prior to finding CURB, Cody and his wife spent nearly a year living in Melbourne, Australia, working for GreenSync, a local startup that helps its clients respond quickly to changes in the energy grid through monitoring and automated controls.

Paul Murphy
Patrick Jackson
Software Architect

Patrick is an experienced software engineer, and works on CURB's firmware and cloud services.

Terri Morfin
Terri Morfin

Terri has over 20 years of sales experience working with large companies and start-ups in the electronic component industry.

Zack Embry
Sales & Business Development

With over ten consecutive years of work experience in the solar industry, Zack has worked on residential and commercial solar installation, system design, solar equipment sales and distribution, public education and outreach, implementation of solar related policies for local and State governments, as well as off-grid solar system design.
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We’re always on the lookout for self-starters and high performers who are all-around amazing.



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